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Bullet Points:
1、1. The eye cover has 3 personalized temperature settings to meet your different heating needs. It can be automatically shut down for 30 minutes at a time, providing comprehensive protection for your eyes.
2、2. This eye cover cloth is powered by USB, and it can be easily plugged into any PC, mobile power, USB adapter and car charger. The eye cover is light and portable, which you can use it at home, office or travel.
3、3. It needs to be used with eye covers, and you can DIY your favorite eye cover styles.
4、4. Heat evenly and apply heat to the eyes to help provide quick relief to tired and dry eyes.
5、5. In addition to applying heat to the eyes, it can be wrapped in cloth and used on the areas where you want to apply heat, such as arms, knees, abdomen, waist, neck, etc.
1. The eye cover has 3 personalized temperature settings to meet your different heating needs. It can be automatically shut down for 30 minutes at a time, providing comprehensive protection for your eyes.
2. This eye cover cloth is powered by USB, and it can be easily plugged into any PC, mobile power, USB adapter and car charger. The eye cover is light and portable, which you can use it at home, office or travel.
3. It needs to be used with eye covers, and you can DIY your favorite eye cover styles.
4. Heat evenly and apply heat to the eyes to help provide quick relief to tired and dry eyes.
5. In addition to applying heat to the eyes, it can be wrapped in cloth and used on the areas where you want to apply heat, such as arms, knees, abdomen, waist, neck, etc.

Name: Heated Eye Cover
Material: non-woven fabric and fiber silk
Features: 5V/2A three-speed adjustable temperature, timing

Packing List:
Heating Cloth*1
Temperature Control Switch*1

Notes for usage:
1. After powering on, press the button for the first time to start up, the high temperature (red light is on) output 100% voltage, and then press the middle temperature (orange light on) twice to output 85% voltage, and the low temperature (blue light on) three times to output 70% voltage, press the fourth times to shut down.
2. In the power-on state, the first time you press and hold the key for 3 seconds to enter the 30min timer, and the current temperature indicator flashes.

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